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The Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation


Töyhtötiainen, Samuli Haapasalo

The Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation supports research and other activities to promote nature and environment protection in Finland and adjacent areas. The Foundation was established in 1962 through donations from members of the Finnish Nature Conservation Society (predecessor of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation FANC; Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto ry).

Nature and environmental conservation through science and art!

The Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation awards each year grants to promote scientific research in nature and environmental protection, for educational, artistic and literary projects enhancing public environmental awareness, and for environmental non-governmental organizations.

The grants are awarded from revenues of three separate funds managed by the Foundation and from the Foundation’s liquid assets.

The Rafael Kuusakoski Memorial Fund was established in 2000 with a significant private donation. The Fund awards grants primarily to academic research focussing on birds and other biota, the marine environment, climate and landscape of the Baltic Sea and its archipelago.

The Baltic Sea Fund was established in 2003 with a significant private donation. It is supporting scientific research and educational projects to benefit the ecosystems in the Baltic Sea and its drainage basin and promoting cooperation between non-governmental organizations with the aim of improving and protecting the ecological status of the Baltic Sea.

The Nature Conservation Fund was established in 2001 with a significant private donation. The donated funds were used in 2001–2004 to purchase an old-growth forest parcel of about 21 hectares in Somero. The site is protected as a private nature reserve and named  Vehkalo Old Forest. Additional funds donated to the Nature Conservation Fund are awarded as grants for promoting scientific research and protection of endangered species and habitats in Finland.     

We will receive donations and legacies with high esteem. As the Foundation is a registered charity with principal aims to promote science and arts, donations in the range 850—50 000 euros forwarded by corporations and other institutional bodies are tax-deducible for the benefactor. 

For the additional information, please contact:

Tarja Ketola
Secretary General

Panu Halme
Chairman of the Board

Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation
Itälahdenkatu 22 b A, 00210 Helsinki, FINLAND
+358 40 527 5212